Affiliate program manual

1. Registration

To register in our affiliate program you need to click on the “Registration” button in the upper right corner and fill in all the necessary data in the tab which will open next: email, password, name, address, contacts (Skype, Telegram), etc.

Please, note that to register in our affiliate program you have to accept our “Terms and Conditions”, you can also receive our newsletters with updates regarding our product and affiliate program, general marketing information or exclusive offers for you.

After all the information is filled in, just click the “Sign up” button to finish your registration. Please, also bear in mind, that two factor authentication is available in our affiliate program due to security reasons. You may turn it on after the registration. However, you will see an “Authentication code” field every time, when trying to log in, even if the 2fa is turned off. You can just ignore it.

After registration is finished you will be able to get your affiliate link for our default commission and start referring traffic, no verification required.
However, if you’d like to get any other commission or have any questions, you can contact our team:

2. How to get an affiliate link?

To get your affiliate link you need to get to

  1. “Campaigns” (red arrow),
  2. “My Campaigns” (red line),
  3. and then click “More Info” (yellow arrow) on your campaign for which you can get the link.

In the next tab you will see basic information about the Campaign you clicked on and also all Promos, started in frameworks of this campaign. Here you will see Promos created for this Campaign and their tracking links (red line). You can copy them, paste on your website and start referring traffic.

Please, note that you can create few promos in frameworks of one campaign, for example to use different landing pages. For each promo there will be a different link.

To create a separate promo you need to enter the campaign and click “Add Promo” and then set up a landing page and direct link or a banner for this promo in frameworks of the campaign.


3. Postbacks

You can add postbacks for any of your promos in the tab of your campaign or to the whole campaign in general.

To add postbacks to the campaign in general you need to scroll down to the postbacks section (campaign postbacks are located just below cards with promos) and click “Add postbacks”.

In our affiliate program you can create posbacks for 8 different actions, among which: registration, first deposit, qualification.


There is also a set of variables you can use to make your postbacks more informative. Postback URL is situated at the bottom of the page. In there you will be able to add a postback URL with all available parameters you need using configuration of the affiliate program.

You can also add postbacks to a specified promo, but not to the whole campaign. To do so you need to chose the promo you need, click “Show:

And then add postbacks to the specified promo in the manner, as to the whole campaign.

4. Statistics

You can find all your statistics in “Reports”, “Statistics”.

You can filter statistics by date, campaign ID, promo ID etc, and also add or remove columns with the info you want or do not want to see, as visits count, registrations count, first deposits count, partner income etc.

There is also the possibility to group data by campaign/promo/player etc. which you can find in the last section of the filters.

After all filters are set, just click “Filter” and you will be able to check all the info you’ve chosen to check.

5. How to withdraw funds

To withdraw funds you need to add your payment method to your account first. You can do that in “My account”, “Wallet”, you will see the “Payment methods” section there, you will need to click “Add”.

Then you will need to choose your payment method (Bank Transfer, BTC,…) and then add your payment requisites, for example an address of your BTC wallet.

After the payment method is added, you can request a withdrawal by clicking “Withdraw” in the “Wallet” tab. You will need to select your currency, payment method and fill in the amount. Then click “Withdraw” and just wait, until funds will arrive to your wallet/account.

Please, bear in mind, that you have to add the payment method and request withdrawals always by yourself in order to avoid any inconvenience.

Minimal withdrawal amount for Bank Transfer is 1000 EUR, for BTC – 60 EUR, for all other payment methods – 20 EUR.